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Our salami are obtained from lean and precious 100% Italian pork meats, processed in compliance with ancient traditions by adding salt and spices in a process curated by our "artists" artisans. The careful drying and the slow subsequent seasoning give our salami an unmistakable scent and a taste particularly appreciated by the most demanding consumers. All salami guarantee the absence of gluten, lactose and milk derivatives.
National pig bellies with a delicate but tasty taste.
The fresh and fragrant sausages of the Tuscan tradition to be consumed in company ... they join and unite, relax with pleasure on the palate and enliven the time spent together. Local typicalities handed down over time. For the tastes of the past.
Our hams are obtained with a processing that respects the oldest tradition. We use the finest thighs of selected pigs, processed with the addition of salt and spices by expert hands who know how to take care of them. The attention to the phases of salting, maturation and slow seasoning, give the meat a particularly unmistakable taste and scent.
All our cured meats in sizes and packaging suitable for fast consumption and in limited quantities available as freshly sliced. From trays in a protective atmosphere, to vacuum slices or whole bulk.

48h of freshness!

Fast deliveries by controlled temperature transport by STEF ITALIA.

Via della Santissima Annunziata, 1225/C
55100 Lucca ITALY
Tel. +39 0583.426060/426191
Fax. +39 0583.426085
Partita Iva e Codice Fiscale 00142430461
E-mail: info@salumibenvenuti.com
P.E.C.: info@pec.salumibenvenuti.com
Codice SDI: M5UXCR1

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