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Poldino salami

Poldino salami


Salami type "countryside" without preservatives added with a good ratio of lean pork meats all ground to medium/fine grain, salted and flavored with salt, pepper and a little garlic. 
  • Allergens: Allergen Free,Gluten Free,Lactose and Milk Derivatives Free,No Conservatives added
  • Country of origin: Italy
SALPOLSV 250 g stick vacuum packed 9.00€ TVA Incl.

48h of freshness!

Fast deliveries by controlled temperature transport by STEF ITALIA.

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55100 Lucca ITALY
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Partita Iva e Codice Fiscale 00142430461
E-mail: info@salumibenvenuti.com
P.E.C.: info@pec.salumibenvenuti.com
Codice SDI: M5UXCR1

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